Tools for effective development

Development Environments (IDE)

Php Storm

OS: (MacOS, Linux, Windows)

Professional IDE for developing applications in php. It is most suitable for medium and larger projects.

Download link: https://www.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/download


  • Numerous integrated features for code refactoring
  • Everything necessary for the development of robust PHP projects in one installation
  • Extending plugins for easier auto-suggestions for Laravel
  • Large base of plugins


  • Slower loading of projects
  • Paid license

Visual Studio Code

OS: (MacOS, Linux, Windows)

A fast editor for efficient work on small and medium-sized projects, but also handles large ones with an overview.

Download link: https://code.visualstudio.com/download


  • A large base of community plugins for the entire spectrum of languages
  • Fast loading of projects and working with them
  • Free


  • Necessary to install plugins for development in PHP and Laravel
  • More demanding refactoring compared to PHPStorm

Sublime Text

OS: (MacOS, Linux, Windows)

An excellent tool for working with large files such as database dumps, XML or json files.

Download link: https://www.sublimetext.com/download


  • It handles opening and working with large files


  • Plugin support is not maintained like in VS Code or PhpStorm
  • Occasional plugin bugs
  • Paid license

Debug, Testing

Ray (by Spatie)

OS: (MacOS, Linux, Windows)

A tool for debugging php without interfering with the application flow. No more echo, dd(), dump() (Just kidding, there are still cases when it's more efficient to write dd). Ray will give you the opportunity to analyze the application efficiently with the possibility of dividing the debugged parts of the code into individual tabs according to color.

Download link: https://spatie.be/products/ray

  • Efficient application debugging
  • Easy organization of dumps by color
  • Clear breakdown of registrations in one place
  • Many variants of debugged code outputs
  • The application is slower with a large number of writes
  • Paid license


OS: (MacOS, Linux, Windows)

A tool for easy code testing directly on the project with the possibility of connecting via ssh to a remote server and running scripts on it.

Download link: https://tinkerwell.app

  • Effective testing of code logic on a given project
  • Running the code in the project without using a browser
  • Option to save scripts in snippets
  • Running scripts via ssh directly on the servers. For example, to update data in the database
  • Paid license


OS: (MacOS, Linux, Windows)

A powerful tool for API testing and development. It provides a user interface that allows you to create, send, and test HTTP requests to various APIs.

Download link: https://www.postman.com/downloads


OS: (MacOS, Linux, Windows)

API testing and development tool, similar to Postman. Insomnia is popular with developers mainly because of its simpler user interface and overall clarity.

Download link: https://insomnia.rest/pricing


Table Plus

OS: (MacOS, Linux, Windows)

An amazing tool for managing various databases both on the local environment and on servers.

Download link: https://tableplus.com

  • Manage databases in one place
  • SSH connection to servers
  • Clear UI
  • Running raw queries directly on the local project or on the server
  • Debug queries
  • Free license allows to open only 3 tabs


OS: (MacOS)

Quick installation and management of local databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis.

Download link: https://dbngin.com



Cloud service for email testing on the local environment and on the server.

Odkaz: https://mailtrap.io


OS: (MacOS, Linux, Windows)

A tool for testing emails on a local environment.

Download link: https://usehelo.com

Local development

Laravel Herd

OS: (MacOS)

An alternative for valet in the form of an app. Faster server work and test time.

Download link: https://herd.laravel.com


Laravel Forge

Cloud service for managing projects, servers, queues and databases on them.

Download link: https://forge.laravel.com

  • Easy application deployment
  • Linking with git
  • Server management


Service for easy application deployment with zero downtime.

Download link: https://envoyer.io

  • Fast deployment without application downtime
  • Option to set deployment flow and automatically run scripts during deployment
  • Automated launch of migrations during application deployment
  • Automated restart of queues
  • Paid license


GitHub Desktop

OS: (MacOS, Linux, Windows)

Easy and fast git management with github link.

Download link: https://desktop.github.com

  • Clear UI for managing git and individual commits
  • Integration with github for fast work and easy development sustainability
  • Free



OS: (MacOS)

A clear choice for MacOS users to streamline their work and be more productive. "Spotlight on Steroids"

Download link: https://www.raycast.com

  • Effective work with MacOS
  • Quick and easy application launch
  • Community plugins for a large part of applications needed for laravel development
  • Easy opening of projects in VS code


OS: (MacOS, Linux)

Programming in pairs or direct assistance from the dev leader in the easiest way.

Download link: https://tuple.app

  • Communication in the team with the possibility of intervention of anyone in the shared screen
  • Pair programming
  • An effective tool for remote collaboration
  • Connecting with anyone who has the application installed and will send you an invite
  • Paid license


OS: (MacOS, Linux, Windows)

Communication tool for quick communication in a team and the possibility of creating channels, companies.

Download link: https://slack.com

  • Nice and clear UI
  • Paid license


OS: (MacOS, Linux, Windows)

An alternative to slack. With a large number of community channels.

Download link: https://discord.com

  • Community channels for example FilamentPHP, Laravel
  • Option to use in browser only
  • Free


OS: (MacOS)

Advanced terminal.

Download link: https://iterm2.com

  • Multiple panels option
  • Switching to fullscreen
  • Font color editability...
  • Setting keyboard shortcuts
  • Search in the console
  • Community plugins


OS: (MacOS, Linux)

An extension for your terminal with great whispering.

Download link: https://fig.io

  • Faster and easier work with the terminal
  • Whispering commands or folders, files
  • Free


Laravel Shift

You need to easily upgrade your laravel project to a newer version, so laravel shift is the way to go. Compared to the price of your time, shift converts your project to the latest version at a bargain price and not only that. The service has a lot of utilities, for example, to switch from phpunit to pest or from bootstrap to tailwind and much more.

Download link: https://laravelshift.com

  • Automated laravel upgrades to latest versions
  • Automated rewriting of scripts from phpunit to pest
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